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Hello there I’m Johnny,

I am 40 years old and have the privilege to work as a professional airport bum. That being a self-styled job title as there really isn’t one set way to engage in said profession. Many folks have figured out the same career and the only way to decisively identify a professional airport bum is often by the thought that crosses everyone’s mind when they interact with one “How the heck do they call this a job or make a living.” To professionally bum around an airport and also pay the bills is the pinnacle of success in my book as well as many others. But I digress…

Professionally I am a Helicopter CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), and Airframe and Powerplant mechanic with IA (inspection authorization). My specific areas of expertise are in Robinson Helicopters and Helicopter maintenance and operations in general. I have piston, turbine, and multi engine helicopter experience.  Airframes I have maintained are: HC-130H, EC-365, R22, R44, R66, EC-145, H145.

What makes me tick; I love people, I love flying, I love airports, and yes, I love helicopters. Now now, don’t get me wrong; Airplanes are amazing and I also like them very much, it’s just always been helicopters for me. I’ve dated some airplanes and they were nice, but we were never made for each other like the whirlybirds.

I could go on and on about professional experience ad nauseum, but that’s boring. If, for some reason you (reader) and I have reason to discuss my actual qualifications, then I will gladly provide them to you for your evaluation. Since this is my small part of the internet we will go by my rules 🙂

The difference between facts and opinions, techniques and standards is important to me.  I will try to attempt to write from a position of separating qualification from ego, to tease apart the human condition from operating an aircraft. If you come away from my writings with more questions and critical thinking skills, then I will have considered it a success.

Additionally, I am a husband to an amazing wife, father to two amazing daughters, and son and brother to an awesome family. I am a friend to my friends. All of these amazing people who I am honored to share my trips around the sun with are the foundation of my life.

johnny stoltz